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About Teen Driving Online
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You want a California driver education program that you can "cruise" through, not one that "drives" you crazy! At TeenDrivingOnline.com, we're serious about safety, but we think driving should be fun! We make sure that, as a new driver, you know the rules of the road and develop defensive driving habits—but we make sure you have a good time learning safe-driving techniques!

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Driver Permit

Driver Permit

You've mastered the rules of the road from our driver education program. Now you need to get your permit so you can start your behind-the-wheel instruction and supervised practice driving!

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Driver License

Driver License

You've learned from the best and acquired some experience behind the wheel. Now you're eager to get your license. Make sure you're ready to take your DMV road test with our checklist!

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Practice Permit Tests

We understand that getting your driver license is a milestone in your life, and you don't want to wait any longer than you have to. But the State of California doesn't just give away those little plastic cards; they insist you demonstrate that you know the rules of the road. You could just take the test and take your chances, or you could prepare with our Practice Permit Test program and know you'll get your permit on the first try!

The low cost of admission to our online Practice Permit Test program gets you access to four unique practice tests.

Pass the DMV written exam on your first try by preparing with our Practice Permit Tests!

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DMV Practice Exams
Behind the Wheel Training

Looking for Behind-the-Wheel Driver Training?

State law requires young drivers to attend driver training with a professional instructor before starting supervised practice driving.

Use our handy locator to find a friendly, DMV-licensed driving school near you!

Find a Driving School Nearby

Parent-Teen Book

Teach Your Teen to Drive...and stay alive is a fun and informative book that helps parents and teens to fulfill the practice driving requirements. Order your copy today and learn to drive the easy way!

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Teach Your Teen to Drive

Start with us. Follow the steps. You’ll be driving in no time!

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