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Traffic Safety Consultants, Inc., (TSC) is one of the nation's largest and most respected traffic safety education providers. With nearly 40 years of experience, we've graduated more than 2.7 million students from our programs across the United States. These satisfied customers have learned effective safe-driving tips that are statistically proven to help motorists to avoid dangerous situations, lower collision rates, and reduce the odds of getting a citation.

TSC strives to provide educational products that are entertaining and informative—and our driver ed course,, is no exception. This driver education program's easy-to-read text is enhanced with informative photos, colorful charts and illustrations, streaming video clips, and interactive activities that engage students and thoroughly explain the subject matter. Best of all, the online program requires no classroom attendance, and graduating students will receive their official DMV Certificate of Completion. Our site also offers useful links and supplemental materials, a Parents' Corner with essential resources, and our outstanding parent-teen practice driving guide, Teach Your Teen to Drive…and stay alive. Of course, students who have questions are welcome to contact our friendly support staff; we're here to help!

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